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Our Approach

Over the years, we have found that most retirement planning has focused on how to grow our retirement, but not enough detail has been placed on how to properly structure our assets so that we can spend the most during our retirement.

Our philosophy is that retirement planning should focus on three main objectives:  1)  being as tax efficient as possible  2)  being properly allocated at each phase of the retirement planning process utilizing a truly non-correlated diversified portfolio and 3)  determining the proper sequence of distribution of our assets that will maximize their values and cash flow.  Each properly executed objective can help lengthen the life of a retirement plan.

We also feel that retirement planning should place a major focus on social security planning.  Properly determining what age to start social security as well as the taxabiliity or non-taxability of each client's social security benefit is necessary to maximize retirement income.

The next two phases of planning are 1)  accounting for unexpected health and long term care expenses; properly shielding from such expenses can help ensure a retirement plan is successful and 2)  any estate planning strategies that may be beneficial to pass wealth to our desired heirs.

Our approach and most of all our strategies are unique, cost-effective, and designed to help maximize our client's retirement plans.